Language Lab Method

The student is encouraged to speak

Of the four aspects of learning a language - reading, writing, speaking and listening - it is the speaking of a language that is usually found to be the most difficult. With the Language Lab Method, the student is not only motivated to listen the whole time, but he is also obliged to speak.

In this way, he soon overcomes any initial embarrassment in speaking, thus giving him confidence in conversation outside the classroom.

The student is obliged to learn obliged to learn.

With the Language Lab Method , it is virtually impossible for the student to sit in the classroom and not learn. Normally, the students are usually able to sit in the classroom hour after hour without learning much - the end result being that they can hardly form a simple sentence in the language.

Because the Language Lab Method obliges the student to learn, he soon becomes quite enthusiastic, as he feels he is achieving something.

Talking at top speed

The best way to learn a language is:

The Language Lab teacher's extra speed makes the student concentrate, stops him translating in his head, and allows him to hear more words repeated more times, makes it easier for him to understand a foreign language outside the classroom, and, of course, makes him learn faster.

The Language Lab Method overcomes boredom through speed, and poor memory through revision.

Revising everything four or five times, not only ensures speed of speaking and understanding, but also ensures that the student remembers what he learns, no matter how poor his memory.

"Learn a Foreign language in three months (or even three and a half weeks)"

One of the problems the Language Lab Method has to face is that of being associated in the public mind with such things as miracle cures for baldness, or adverts saying "Learn a language in three months".

Some people can, of course, learn a language in three months, if they have a great natural ability, excellent memory, and totally dedicate themselves to the task; but such people are extremely rare.

The Language Lab Method, on the other hand, defines precisely the level the student reaches and guarantees him success, whether or not he has a good memory or any natural ability.

One cannot learn to speak a language just by listening to it: no more than one can learn to play the piano just by listening to someone else play.